Are Serviced Offices the Future?

Ever heard of serviced offices? You should, because they could well be the future of our country’s rapidly expanding office environment. The truth is this small island is running out of space, especially with new businesses starting up every day. As you’d imagine, the demand for quality offices is huge.

Instead of battling with others for a premium floor space in a city centre, those who are savvy have begun to look for serviced options instead. The beauty of serviced offices is that they continue to flourish in the economical mire. Why is that? Because they are incredibly flexible.


Moving with the Times, Get a Serviced Office!

Going back to that premium floor space in the centre of town – is it really tailored for your business or was it the only one available? Is it the right size, cost less than you imagined, does it have 24 hour access, free parking, every extra you could want and a contract that gives you plenty of room for manoeuvre?

This is why serviced has a big future. It reacts best to the rigours of our times. It is an intelligent, evolving office alternative and can suit the tiniest of businesses to the very largest. It’s ease of use and flexibility appeals to everyone. Paying for a bespoke project area, rather than an office block seems to fulfil the need of many a business buccaneer. The serviced environment it seems can only continue to grow.


Are serviced Offices the future? Send Business Centre

Free 24 hour parking at Send Business Centre


Deciding Factors

The benefits of cost are a deciding factor in many cases too. With plenty of features included in a monthly price, as well as including handy facilities for free, a serviced office could really do no more to win you over. That’s why some of the country’s largest companies are choosing to use serviced project space as part of their network.


More than just a Quick Fix

One concern is that serviced offices are just a temporary fix and shouldn’t be considered as a long term solution. This may have been the case several years ago, but not any more, as contracts become more flexible and options of extending your stay more numerous.

There’s no reason why you can’t expect to stay at your serviced space indefinitely. Holding talks with the provider can often prove fruitful and forge long lasting alliances, allowing you to expand your office area and renegotiate parts of the contract.


Stay Ahead, Try Serviced

Keeping expenditure at a minimum is always going to be high on a business’ list. Having freedom, flexibility and a quality working environment are also close to the top. Serviced office spaces, such as those at Send Business Centre have proved that they can succeed whatever the financial climate. The future certainly looks rosy for serviced, whichever way you look at it.