Serviced Office vs Home Office


It’s a fact that the internet has given the chance for many a small business to spring shoots and blossom, while many others fail to survive the first harsh winter.


With this boom in fresh, start up businesses comes a new way that offices are chosen. Options are there for all, whatever the type of company, whether it’s a one man band or a large network. No longer should you always have to go down the road of renting large, inner city space that you can barely afford. You can now refine your office area to suit your kind of business.


The two leading alternatives to the classic leased office space are serviced offices and home offices. One you probably haven’t heard much about and the other is usually what most people dream of achieving.



Home Appeal


Yes, the home office. Just picture it – the alarm goes off, hit snooze. Goes off again, hit snooze again. Repeat another five times. You finally roll out of bed when everyone else in your house has already stumbled off to work. Taking your time over a large breakfast and cup of tea, you begin to consider the option of turning on the computer. Whilst watching TV, talking to your best friend on the phone and ordering DVD’s online, you gently go through the rhythms of work on your favourite chair and even have the time to take an early afternoon siesta. Don’t worry, you tell yourself, I can always finish this off tonight if I don’t get time…Relax.


There, in a nutshell, is the great home office myth. If anyone acted like that, their business would last as long as a snail on a motorway. Working from home can be very rewarding and even have its perks, but it’s every bit as hard as working from a more conventional office.


Home Office Space

Image by Sean MacEntee is licensed under CC BY 2.0

The Rise of Serviced


Serviced offices offer a viable, flexible alternative to anyone searching for a tailored space. Found across the country and not just in city centres, the offices come in many shapes and sizes. They are regularly cleaned, kept secure and are open whenever you want. Keeping distractions to a minimum, the serviced office is growing more popular every year. 

 Serviced office vs Home office - Send Business Centre


Productivity: Home Office 0 -1 Serviced Office


In many ways, it is more difficult, because of all the distractions and temptations. Getting jobs done takes more focus and drive when done from home. Throw young, attention-hungry children into the mix, and the difficulty level is taken up another five notches. With a serviced office, you know what you’re going to get – peace, quiet and a quality space geared up for work only.


At home, it’s true; you won’t have to worry about traffic and so can start earlier without delays and work longer if necessary. You could also argue that distractions and interruptions are rife in any office, not just at home. Some would say there are less at home, certainly in terms of being hassled and cajoled into meaningless conversations with colleagues about last night’s X-Factor results.


The battle for productivity then, ends in a hard fought win for serviced.



Cost: Home Office 1-1 Serviced Office


With a serviced office, you rent a space out that is adapted for your needs and requirements and is away from your household environment. You can include extras to the office, such as high speed internet, furniture, size, coffee machines etc. and not have to worry about security, utility bills and all the rest of those niggling issues you might grow accustomed to at home.


That’s not to say that working from home doesn’t save you money in some areas. You won’t need to buy a suit, for a start. You won’t need to spend on travelling, unless you have a stair lift. You won’t need to spend £10 a day on a coffee and a croissant ever again. Cheap dining is a pleasure from home.


Of course, it depends on many factors, including how far you have to travel to work and how much you tend to spend on lunch, but this contest ends in a determined draw for each side.



Flexibility: Home Office 1-0 Serviced Office


Working at home also means that you have the freedom to work any hours you like. You can with serviced offices too though, as many are open and available 24 hours a day. So, if you need to do a school run or be home for any reason, you can always head back, whatever the time.


This is great for new businesses that have to graft and put in long hours from the outset, when there may only be you or one other to begin with.


Serviced spaces hold many flexible options, such as contract length, office layout design, equipment, furniture and more besides. At home, you may be constricted to by the size of your study or spare room.


You can’t beat home for flexibility though, especially in terms of your working hours, so on those grounds, a narrow victory it is for the home office.



Job Satisfaction: Home Office 0-1 Serviced Office


Let’s face it – some things are better left to the imagination. Working from home can be lonely. That will suit some people down to the ground, but others will struggle with the hermit-like existence.


At a serviced office, even if you are working solo, you will meet receptionists and other workers milling about in the vicinity. At home, you have yourself, your budgie and Jeremy Kyle. Those face to face meetings, communications and brief encounters are all but a thing of the distant past at home.


Both options can make you succeed, but serviced offices, such as those found at Send Business Centre, will give you the greater satisfaction overall. For that reason, serviced wins this supremely tight duel.