Flexible Office work spaces such as serviced and managed offices are very much of the here and now. More and more companies are now being drawn to the unrivalled versatility that a flexible office provides. That isn’t just in this country, but across the UK and Europe too, where floor space costs a premium and people yearn for packages to suit their exact requirements.

Proof of the growing need for flexible offices is the 2000+ Business Centres offering serviced and managed spaces in the UK. This may not seem huge in terms of the overall amount of offices in the country, but it shows a very healthy rise from just a decade ago.

Suits You?

The benefit of flexible offices is that they can suit any business, not just start ups or niche industries. From global organisations in all manner of sectors, to the first time aspiring entrepreneur going solo – serviced and managed offices are a very appealing solution.

But why? When leased offices have been around since forever, why would anything change?

A big reason – no, a huge reason – is financial. Since the dark days of the recession, all businesses, but especially new ones, have been incredibly wary of signing on the dotted line of a long term leased property. The fact of the matter is, that nobody is safe, so why tie yourself in for so long?

Flexible offices offer a way out of this dilemma, just in case the finances start to dip.

Enjoy the Benefits

People choose flexible offices because of other reasons too, and not just because they are more cost effective. There are all kinds of benefits thrown in for good measure. Firstly, they are very fine offices. They feel professional, completed to a high spec, are clean, tidy and fresh, with everything you’d need included.

Secondly, they nearly always have great parking, meaning you can kiss goodbye to the train, tube or bus commute to your old inner city office. With a flexible office at a business centre, your can drive your car and find a parking space every time, 24 hours a day. The cost of this is all included in package deals, so you don’t have to pay over the odds. Now that is a luxury!

Achieve more, for less

You won’t have to worry about paying for the upkeep, the cleaning or maintenance. You can have staffed receptions as part of the package, full access to professional meeting rooms, round the clock permission to use the facilities, kitchens that don’t house empty cupboards and smelly bins, but are regularly cleaned and stocked.

Flexible Office Meeting Room - Send Business Centre

Flexible does what it says on the tin – you can upsize your office if you require it. If you want to downsize, then that’s not a problem either. Your office can evolve with your business, which is what more and more people are appreciating. This is the future – an organic office that takes shape as and when it’s necessary.

Finally, this is all paid for in one monthly bill, without dozens of extras to try and remember. So that means, no more stressing about cleaning bills, purchasing new furniture, finding a receptionist, looking for a parking space and so on. With flexible offices, your future has landed, so grab it with both hands now and call Send Business Centre on 01483 225617 today!