Every company needs a space to call home right? Knowing what that space will be is a tricky decision to make though – even for the larger organisations. So how hard do you think it is for those companies who are just starting out? A lot of the time, it’s a matter of overcoming obstacles and learning as you go. However, tying down an expensive office space for a few years is a gamble that not always pays off.

If we are to break it down to basics, there are two main types of office: The flexible office and the traditional office. Flexible entails the serviced and managed varieties, whereby you rent a space at a business centre and can utilise all kinds of perks, tweaks and incentives. The traditional office is the kind you see in American cop shows of the 80’s; four walls, a large desk and a barking police chief sat behind it.

The rise and rise of the flexi office

So, is this really a case of the young upstart trying to grab a piece of the old timer’s pie? Well, the growing number of business centres and increasing demand for their office space suggests this could be true. But is it the case for everyone? Which type of office is more suited to a start-up company and which is best for an established company?

Well, the shocking truth is that flexible offices are the perfect option for start up and established companies! What’s more, tons of large organisations from a range of sectors including banking and energy firms are already jumping aboard the flexible office train.

A change is a-coming

That isn’t to say that the traditional office isn’t still top of the pile, because it is. Old habits die hard, so they say. However, change is happening and a ripple effect is blowing in through our office windows as we speak. Even the traditional offices are starting to look and feel different. Walls are being knocked down, glass partitions going up. Chunky, square desks are being blown away and replaced with ergonomic curves. Computers are out and in come tablets and laptops. That’s just the beginning…

The beauty of flexible offices is that they are so versatile – an obvious appeal for both start-ups and established companies. They offer a complete package in one monthly fee, which is far more cost effective than a traditional, leased office. Not only that, but flexible also means less work. You will have far less organising and managing to do, because it’s already all done for you. This is why new businesses will especially like the option of a serviced or managed space.

What lies behind the success?

Want proof of the power of a flexible office? Just take a look at some of the elements that come as part of a monthly deal.

  • Receptionist for your business – included
  • Internet access – included
  • Printing/faxing – included
  • CCTV and 24 hour security – included
  • Office furnishings – included
  • Kitchenette and cafeteria – included
  • Regular cleaners – included
  • Opportunity to downsize or upsize your office if needed – Yes
  • 24 hours parking – included
  • Access 24/7 – Yes

One office for all

Now, who wouldn’t want all that served up on a plate? Not only that, but flexible offices don’t have to tie you in to long term contracts, like many leased, traditional offices would. You can design rolling contracts to suit you as your business grows.

Established companies also love the freedom they get with flexible offices. It allows them greater opportunity to network within smaller ‘bases’, instead of leasing expensive inner city offices. It simply makes life easier and that’s what we all want. Send Business Centre are right at the forefront of the flexi-revolution, with all kinds of amazing serviced and managed office solutions. Call NOW on 01483 225617 for a new start, whether you’re a new company or an established one.