Want to be let into a secret? Something that’s quality, value for money and growing faster than Mark Zuckerberg’s bank balance? You might not have guessed it, but service office spaces are starting to make big waves across the UK and European markets especially.

Who uses serviced offices and why? - Send Business Centre

Photo by wjlonien (Flickr) is licensed under CC BY 2.0

Why, you might ask? Well, space, or lack of is a big reason. Our country isn’t getting any bigger and serviced or managed office areas offer a viable alternative to large, premium city space. Demand for serviced offices has been steadily growing for several years now and exploded during the recession in 2011/2012. Herein lays the second reason why they are massive news at the moment. Offering cost effective package deals that are not only value for money, but straightforward and stress-free, serviced offices are leading the way for our business futures.


Eliminate the strain of management


So, who uses this kind of deal then, and why would they choose serviced in particular? The answer’s simple. Most often, it’s new businesses that come to use serviced, because it takes away a lot of the hassle and headache attached with all the service management, such as secretarial support, meeting facilities, catering and reception duties.


Added to that is the bonus of having everything tied up in a neat package deal, with the option of a truly flexible and rolling contract of 6-12 months and the ability to upgrade or upscale your office space in future. Now I think you can see the power of serviced offices, especially to a young, ambitious business.


All-in-one Costs


The draw of serviced space can be put down to numerous factors then. It fits in with many business models. The offices themselves are fully furnished and fitted with everything you could want, including a high speed internet connection and phone lines. In lots of ways, they are a total office solution for new business owners. Even though the costs might appear quite high, this takes into account almost every factor required – there won’t be any other hidden fees or costs to think about.

So does that mean that serviced offices are exclusively filled by fresh young faces and bright upstarts? Well, no actually. They are a perfect ‘fit’ for new businesses, but also very attractive to larger, more established companies.


Flexibility is King


Flexibility is a benefit to all organisations and large companies use serviced offices, because the ability to take extra space when needed is hugely appealing. The low overheads and non-existent set-up costs make serviced offices a strategy many businesses simply cannot ignore.


More and more nowadays, companies want to turn their backs on property expenditure and the stress of management from the top down. The face of serviced has hit its stride and this momentum is filtering throughout the country to businesses young and old. Call Send Business Centre NOW for the very best in serviced offices and join the work space revolution.