The great thing about renting a serviced office is that you can have it absolutely anyway you want it. You can up-size or down-size whenever you like. You can increase or decrease the amount of desk space you require and adapt to the market conditions you operate in. Compare this to if you own your own property. You buy the property to suit your business at one point in time. Now say you need to up-size, you will need to get out of the rental agreement or put the property up for sale if you own it. Not an easy thing to do. Lets say you now operate from a serviced office. Its really easy to grow into additional space and you wont have to contend with all the red tape.

Needless to say, Serviced offices have many benefits and you would be wise to consider these as a viable solution to owning or renting out your own business premises.

Below are a few images of office layouts you could utilise at Send Business Centre. Send Business Centre caters for business of all sizes. Whether that’s one person companies or multinationals looking for additional office space or locations to operate from.

Office Space Desk Layout - Send Business Centre


Choose any desk layout. Do you prefer open plan or would you prefer to partition individual work spaces. Serviced office accommodation offers all these solutions.

Office Space - Send Business Centre



Storage space. Add as much storage as you need. We can even offer warehouse or container storage for your business.

Office Window Views - Send Business Centre


A room with a view. There’s nothing worse than staring at four blank walls all day. So why not enjoy a room with a view of the picturesque Send country side and Wey Canal.

So if you are looking for office space in 2013, come along to Send Business Centre and view our fantastic offices and services. We know you’ll be impressed.