When is social media a useful tool for business? The answer is quite simply all the time.Over several posts we’ll look at different forms of Social Media and how you can interact with us here at Send Business Centre.

Send Business Centre on Twitter

This week we’ll look at Twitter. Often, with Social Media, People are unsure how they really should be using it. The old view of Twitter was unless you are famous then why would someone follow you. I mean, are they really interested in what you had for dinner last night or that you’re off to work right now? Well funnily enough, the answer could be Yes.

Just the other day, due to the amount of snow, I found my use of social media increased dramatically. With weather reports informing me of impending snowfall, i found it useful to follow my local airport on Twitter and keep up to date with the opening of the runway as we were expecting visitors from abroad. Simple using the @twittername, i was able to ask a direct question and get a prompt reply (much quicker than an email response). If people were traveling to Send Business Centre they could ask us what the road situation was like in the surrounding area. So here’s an example. Let’s say you’re following another business at your serviced office centre. They Tweet, I’m off to work tight now! Lets say there has been heavy snowfall like just this week. You could, before you leave, send them a Tweet and ask them what the traffic and road conditions were like and see whether its advisable for you to travel in. This is where Social Media really can play a useful part in your daily life.

Here’s another example. Create a list around a hashtag. Lets say Send Business Centre have an open day on and they are using the hashtag #SendOpenDay If you are going along to Send Business Centre, then you could create a list around this hashtag and network with others who are also attending before you even get there. Its a great ice breaker and means you can then meet up with others once there. This happened to me recently when attending a conference. Following others who were attending the same conference meant they could see my profile photo and one of them then introduced themselves to me as one of my Twitter Followers. What a great icebreaker! Now i’m no longer a lone face at the conference but someone who people can network with.

So Social Media is useful for all of us. If you would like to follow Send Business Centre on twitter, we’d love to follow you back.