What is Hot Desking?

It’s believed the term hot desking was coined from the navy term of hot bunking, whereby sailors would share the same bed space over rotating shifts. In the case of hot desking it means sharing a workspace with others.

Hot Desk LondonThis is a great way to really reduce your business overheads, especially when you have employees who work from home but sometimes need the facilities you can only get in an office environment.

At Send Business Centre we are able to provide a whole host of solutions for businesses whether that is a simple hot desk or a permanent serviced office.

Benefits of Hot Desking

Hot desking is valuable to those employees who often find themselves out on the road, e.g. it’s perfect for travelling salesmen who sometimes need a place to stop and compile pitches or reports. A hot desk can be shared by your own workforce or even multiple businesses staff.

Some of the popular benefits are

  • Low overheads due to the shared space
  • Flexible terms and space
  • Access to other office facilities and services (additional charges may apply)
  • Scalable office solutions
  • Professional surroundings for meeting clients

It’s easy to see why hot desking has become such a popular office solution to business of all sizes.

The next step up from hot desking is to rent a ‘pod’ or desk full time. This allows you to permanently own your own workspace and puts you in a position whereby you can network with other businesses doing the same thing. You can also hot desk your permanent space amongst your own staff.

If you are interested in looking into hot desking with us at Send Business Centre please do get in touch. We offer flexible terms along with all the benefits of a professional office set up and free car parking.