If you are looking to hire a meeting room then it’s important to consider a number of factors before making your booking. Send Business Centre have put together this free guide to make the process easy for you

First off, you have to consider what it is you want to use the meeting room for and then make a list of your requirements. Are you looking to host a meeting between you and a potential new client? Or is it a training course you’ll be running, and what facilities do you need?

Location, Location, Location

  • Is the venue easily accessible to your clients?
  • Are there transport routes to the venue?
  • Is their sufficient parking at the venue?
  • Do your clients need to pay for parking?
  • What facilities are available at the venue?
  • Is there an area that clients can take a break away from the meeting room?
  • Scalability, what should happen if you need more space? Can they accommodate for this?


  • Is the venue available on the dates you require?
  • Is the equipment you need also available for hire on those dates?


  • Can the venue provide lunch?
  • Can the venue provide tea and coffee and other refreshments?
  • What is the cost of these?
  • Is their audio and visual equipment available and what is the cost of hire of these?
  • Do you require flip charts etc and how much do these cost
  • Is there an onsite cafeteria or can food be ordered in?
  • Does the venue offer wifi, is there an extra cost to this?
  • Does the venue provide accommodation options or do they have links with local hotel and B&B providers

From the above you’ll see you need to factor in what it’s going to cost you. In a nutshell you should ask…

  • What the day delegate rate is
  • How much refreshments and lunch will cost
  • How much parking is
  • How much any audio and visual equipment will cost
  • Are you able to get a discount? (Send Business Centre offer your first meeting room booking FREE)

Settling your bill

  • What are the payment terms?
  • When is payment required?
  • Whats the cancellation policy / terms?

As you can see there are a lot of things to consider. It may be worth paying a visit to the venue before booking a meeting room.  Take this list of questions along with you and you’ll end up having a successful meeting. Prepare well in advance and enjoy your meeting room hire experience.