Whether you are a new or established business it’s important to keep your overheads to a minimum. So keeping your rent and rates bill low is crucial. One of the primary benefits of renting a serviced office is that you can fix these and other costs. Knowing exactly what your financial commitment is each month.

So here at Send Business Centre we have developed a short 5 step guide on what to look for when searching for a serviced office

1                     Location, Location, Location

Bang in the middle of the city is often a lot more expensive than renting an office outside the city. Ask yourself, do you really need to be located right in the city centre? Space comes at a premium.  You’ll often get more for your money just outside the city than you will right in the centre.

2                     What’s Included?

Will you pay more for electricity, will you pay for call answering services, and will you pay more for your broadband? These are all questions you need to know before you compare one serviced office to another. At Send Business Centre all charges are included in one price.


3                     Broadband Speed.

Will you be charged based on broadband speed and what speed can you get. If your business requires a high speed connection then it’s important you are aware of the serviced offices network speed before you sign your contract.

4                     Car Parking

It’s great having a plush serviced office but can your business guests actually park near your office? How much will it cost them to park? Is the parking close to the office? At Send Business Centre we offer unlimited free parking.

5                     Extras

What ‘extras’ are available. For example, say you have a big meeting coming up. Is there a meeting room you can hire? How much does it cost? How many can it seat?

We recommend that before you commit to your serviced office you sit down and list your requirements. If you need some advice please feel free to come and have a no obligation chat with us hear at Send Business Centre.