Today we will look into ways to recycle in your office. The vast majority of the rubbish in our offices is recyclable: paper, newspaper, cardboard and plastic – these can all be recycled very easily and the process is completely pain-free. It’s not only good for the environment, but reduces the amount of clutter from your managed office and could even save you money.

Get with the Recycle Program!

To operate a recycling program, it has to be easy to do and also to understand. Rubbish and recycling bins must be clearly marked and well located. If you can get the support of your boss and as many of your colleagues as possible, then all the better.  You should try and arrange the details at a meeting or during a working lunch break. These could also be relayed through digital communications. Remember that any confidential material will need to be shredded first, but this can then be recycled too.

The Materials that count in your Office.

In terms of what can be recycled, then the main focus would be on: mixed paper, can and other plastics, cardboard, food, electrical equipment, glass and even other waste that cannot be recycled. There are lots of specialist waste collection companies willing to collect just about anything and take it off your hands.

So without further ado, here are some excellent and easy-to-achieve ways to recycle in your office.

  • Place a custom recycling bin next to the desks of all the staff members. This way, there is no reason why everyone won’t be using them to recycle, because having only one larger bin in the office just won’t work in the long term. Make sure that they are clearly marked and labelled, to avoid any confusion.
  • It’s all about the placement, so be as strategic as possible. Larger recycling bins should be easily spotted in open spaces and areas where lots of staff congregate regularly, especially canteens and in work rooms where photocopiers and printers live.
  • Hide your general waste bins! If office staff can’t find them, they can’t use them!
  • Recycle your paper! You’ll go through reams of it every day, so don’t throw it in the general waste bins. Also, you can use recycled paper, so there’s every chance that the same paper you recycle will come back full circle and wind up back in your printer a few months later. This kind of cycle is key to creating the most eco-friendly office.
  • Don’t dump the empty ink cartridges – that’s no way to treat the environment! Instead, head to any number of online recycling schemes and organisations who are more than happy to have your old cartridges sent over. These are then refilled and used again, meaning less waste for the landfill and a better carbon footprint all-round. You could even incorporate a special cartridge bin in your office just for this purpose and send the whole lot away every month – it’s totally up to you.
  • Contact a contracted recycling waste collector to pick it all up for you, or if yours is a small business, then you can do this part yourself. Just remember, it has to be taken to an authorised waste disposal site.
  • Launch and promote. Get everyone on board and clued up about the idea. Be creative and don’t give up.

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