It’s not just knowledge that is power – creativity is often the driving force behind any business’ success. New ideas and different ways of thinking can redefine a company, inspire employees and customers alike. So, how can this secret source be bottled and passed around the office? Luckily, there are several very achievable methods to harnessing the power of creativity with our ’10 tips to boost creativity in the office’

1 – Stimulate the senses in the office: In the setting of workspaces, usually the focus is on the visual (lighting, colours, pictures, decoration). However, little attention is usually paid to the other senses. Smells, music, flavours and textures can help spark the imagination without losing productivity. New ideas flourish in unconventional spaces that allow free thinking and break the routines practiced. On the subject of sense, experts recommend using bright colours to brighten and stimulate mental activity. Another tip is to place images of nature that promote freedom and relax the senses.

2 – Record ideas. Some ideas seem to come up in life at strange times and then disappear from our memory when we need them. Be sure to provide your work space with various resoruces to take note of new ideas: camera, notebooks, slates, corks, highlighters, tape, digital files. Review your records whenever you need inspiration.

3 – Promote conversation: As long as it does not become a bad habit, employees can share ideas and recount their problems. This interaction often generates better ways to resolve certain labour difficulties.

4 – Let the workers play: Workspaces should foster some degree of fun, not only as entertainment but as diversity, variety, and as a different way of doing things. It does not necessarily mean you need to paint the office fluorescent colours, make weekly theme parties or sit on bean bags instead of chairs (although all are valid resources) but instead to propose different ways of doing and seeing things. Studies show that a fun time at the office reduces stress and improves productivity, so letting employees have a fun time can be very beneficial.

5 – Combine workers with different skills and experiences. Practise enriches this collective knowledge. The fusion of different cultures and areas of specialisation favours the creation of divergent solutions and increases the number of perspectives on the same problem.

6 – Break the monotony. Working every day in the same places with the same schedules and routines can numb the skills to create. Cut the working time departures and group activities, and propose changes in the way we work. The implementation of “casual Fridays”, working from home and flexible schedules are ways to break the routine. “Creativity is intelligence having fun”, Albert Einstein once said and who are we to argue that?

7 – Promote collaborative work. The best ideas are enhanced and feed on the interaction with others. Islands of work, meeting tables and group offices promote exchange during the day. You can also suggest creative group activities such as brainstorming techniques and if you’re really brave – role play!

8 – Organise brainstorming: It is best to generate critical meetings to evaluate the best solutions to a problem. Everyone can participate and state their case in an atmosphere of respect, but it is necessary to make clear what actions might work and what may not.

9 – Physical thinking. Creativity does not happen only in the abstract world of ideas. In many cases, physical activity is one that stirs the imagination. The Red Bull office in London, for example, has a slide to move from floor to floor; Google offers its employees game rooms as a welcome distraction.

10 – Differentiation based on creativity. SMEs can thrive based on their original ideas. They find ways to break into the market and compete against more traditional companies. As said by Argentine Eduardo Kastika, “the key to creativity is to seek opportunities where others see problems, and explore problems in spaces where others feel comfortable.”

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