Want to be part of team at work?


Office life is rarely a solitary existence, so to be able to work as part of a team is important to say the least. Managements put huge emphasis on the ability of staff members to work in multiple groups and thrive in these conditions.

It’s almost taken as a given in today’s office climate, to be able to seamlessly integrate yourself in any team. If you have any real aspirations in your role to progress and gain promotions, then there are several key areas where you can do even better at teamwork. Here, we’ll outline some our best tips for staying ahead of the game and revelling in daily doses of productive teamwork.



Take Pride


1) First up, you’ve got to take pride in your job and put in that extra effort that will make you a valued team player. Most people simply do their job and fall into a routine that is safe and comfortable. The few that push themselves to achieve more, are the same band of workers who excel in all quarters including teamwork.


Put in the Hard Graft


2) In tandem with taking pride, you’ve simply got to put in a lot of effort and be driven when at work. Even outside of work, you can study, learn more, research and try and gain valuable nuggets you could use in the office. Always be punctual and act as professionally as possible.


Radiate Positive Vibes!


3) All good teams need positive personalities, so try and be that one shining light that will never wilt under pressure or start to bemoan bad luck. When the glass is half full, the opportunities start to create themselves.




4) It should go without saying, but be friendly. You’d be amazed at how many so-called team players are arrogant and too overblown with ego to work effectively with others who they deem as beneath them. Try and consider your approach to people, be open with your gestures and greet people with a smile.


Take it on the chin


5) To succeed in any team, you will have to know how to give and take – that is, to give constructive feedback and take some criticism yourself. It can be a humbling experience but to take some things on the chin and hold your hands up can be the making of you in the team environment. Not only this, but people will respect you more for it.


Have an Eagerness to Learn


6) Be the one who always wants to be part of new projects and assignments. Show a willingness to learn and pick up new skills. All teams need individuals with a bit of get-up-and-go, so don’t hide in the shadows.


Don’t be Alienated


7) Maintain a broad mix of relationships and don’t only stay with one particular group. By cultivating a range of healthy friendships within your workplace, you will give yourself greater networking opportunities. Furthermore, your name and presence will be recognised and more respected throughout the company.


Mentor Someone


8) Be a mentor and relate your skills and experiences to others. Foster new colleagues and make them feel comfortable in your presence. A great team player is someone who gives as much time and energy to brand new co-workers as they do to more experienced employees.


Be a Communication God!


9) Communicate effectively. If you have to, attend seminars on communication because to succeed as a team worker, you have to master it and use your speech naturally. It can be hard to begin with, but the more you practise, the easier it gets. The best way is to just jump in and start talking, striking up conversations where previously you may have resisted. The motto here is to be brave!


Go Forth and Conquer!


10) That leads into our last tip which is to be brave and bold with your decision making. Put your ideas forward succinctly and make your argument heard. Those who sit on the fence too long will only end up with a pain in the backside!


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