Get Fit and Work at the same time??

How many of us could do with shifting a few pounds, but just don’t want to join an extortionate gym or spend hours slaving away in the garage? Well, fear not – there is hope for you and your waistline yet! You may not realise it, but you could be burning those calories off in the comfort of your very own office chair.




Is it Possible?


“Madness!” You might say, “The office is a place where you put on weight, strain your eyes, neck, get RSI in the wrist and an aching back from a dodgy swivel chair.” This may be the case (and it’s a good idea to get a comfortable chair) – however, if you’re in the know, you can take advantage of those small breaks in work and fight back the fat with vengeance.

We can all squeeze in a few minutes here and there. Don’t worry, you won’t have to start doing press-ups in your office walkway or swinging from door frames – these are all low-key, desktop exercises designed to be achieved with minimal attention. So, with that in mind, onto the regime!

Let’s get cracking!


First things first, start with an inconspicuous stretch from head to toe. Nobody will know, and if you are questioned, just tell them you dropped your keys! When you have a spare moment at your desk, you should begin more warm ups. This is important to prepare your muscles for action. First, tilt your head sideways to your shoulder and hold, moving to the next side and holding again. Then, it’s time to wake up your shoulders.

Roll both of them forward in a circular fashion and then backwards. This method should be repeated ten times over. A further warm up is to stretch your fingers, which get a hammering during a day at a computer. Pull them up and down on each hand and rub the inside joint of each finger and thumb to make sure they are limbered up.

Get the blood pumping


Now it’s time to start feeling more a burn! Start by lifting a foot off the floor with an outstretched leg. Start flexing your ankle with toes facing up and then repeat with them facing down. Repeat this on the other leg and do these ten times over. This works out your glutes, thighs and calf muscles, as well as keeping your ankles flexible.

There are other good leg strengthening exercises to carry out. Lift a leg to the side and keeping it straight, very slowly lower it. This shouldn’t be easy, so do it properly and feel that burn. Change legs and repeat. Again, sitting down, simply swing your leg forward and then all the way back for thrity seconds on each. This is great for stretching your hamstrings and ligaments, keeping your leg muscles supple.


Repetition is key


Still not had your workout worked out? Good, then carry on and sit up as high as you can at your desk with feet firmly on the floor. Hold in your stomach tightly, and then slowly extend one of your legs until it is level and straight with your hip. Hold that position for a good ten seconds. Repeat with the other leg and do this on each up to fifteen times.

Another great chair exercise is the good old fashioned squat. Just pretend you are going to sit down, but instead, keeping your back upright, lower yourself down until you’re just an inch or so away from the seat and hold that position tight for ten seconds. Hurting? Good, that’s your muscles strengthening right there. Then lift it all the way back to a standing position.

Time to tone up


Lastly, finish with a solid leg toning method. Cross your legs and then lift them both. The trick is for your top leg to push down on the bottom leg and for them both to resist one another. Done properly, this will make your muscles feel like they are going to burst (they won’t, don’t worry). Repeat and switch the legs over. Do this until your legs feel like heavy lumps of iron and let your body rest for a few minutes.

Final tips


Always have some water handy because you need to keep hydrated for any exercise – and if you really don’t care what others think, then you could even integrate a sweat band or some motivational music to spur you on. Set targets and try and break them as well – if it’s getting too easy, then you aren’t working hard enough. It’s all about breaking personal barriers.


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