Get that Job promotion you’ve been desiring for…

Unfulfilled at work? Are you eager to move up from your current position? Want to make that step forward but aren’t sure how to go about it? Well, never fear because there are a few age-old ways to conquer those promotion blues and see yourself get that office space and view you have dreamt of.

How to get a promotion in 10 steps - Send Business Centre

Photo by quinnanya (Flickr) is licensed under CC BY 2.0


1. Get Noticed


  • The first way is to get noticed for showing a passion for your job. Seeking promotion shouldn’t be drilled towards financial gain only, and certainly not within your employer’s eyes. They want to see someone who loves their job, so focus on discovering a driving sense of purpose within your position.


2. Be Dependable


  • Be consistent; meaning to deliver on the basic parts of your work – be punctual to work and meetings etc. With consistency comes dependability and that is a hallmark of all employer’s wishes for a strong candidate for promotion.


3. Stay Positive!


  • Be positive at work. Don’t be the one that nags or moans or talks about others behind their backs. These things build up and circulate and negativity could begin to follow you all the way up to senior management. Try and send out positive messages about your job at all times and it will get noticed eventually.


4. Develop Thick Skin


  • Make the most of constructive criticism and don’t let it bring you down. If you can show your seniors during progress meetings that you take negative feedback on the chin and make the most of it, they will be mightily impressed.


5. Adapt Your Skills


  • Try and learn new skills and get them noticed if possible. At the very least, challenge yourself to not just stay within your comfort zone and adapt to different settings. By showing you are versatile, you will be doing yourself no end of favours.


6. Look into Yourself!


  • Learn more about yourself and your own areas of improvement. If you were to be given a promotion, would you need to adjust the way you go about certain things, such as communication or organisation for example? Try and think how you would best equip yourself to handle the big step up.


7. Get Connected


  • Connect with those above you or that can mentor you in one way or another. This is a great way to get a feel for what a promotion would be like, as well as gaining some invaluable insights from people who are there right now. Getting into the mindset is half the battle won already.


8. Seize the Moment!


  • Take initiative and show your managers or supervisors that you are eager to commit to any work available. You need to show that you are a go-getter and someone who wants to achieve and taking on a range of tasks displays a great attitude.


9. Be the one that Helps


  • Help those around you. By proving your people skills, you are exhibiting just the right kind of aptitude your management will be looking for. Be a mentor, take time to mentor new members of staff and never turn down a chance to participate in training.


10. Get Real!


  • Finally, have realistic goals. Don’t aspire to suddenly be elevated to ‘top dog’ status. Promotions aren’t just dished out for fun, so you’ll need to work hard and persevere. Eventually, by reaching out and fulfilling all these steps, the effort will be pay off handsomely.

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