Bigger is better right? Well, perhaps that rule doesn’t apply to everything, offices included. Gone are the days where companies could rule the roost from great, cavernous office spaces. The emphasis these days is on cost effective quality, and epic proportions do not always provide the answer to that.

As populations and cities grow ever larger, the competition for a place to sit at a desk and work is starting to snowball. The result is that offices are becoming expensive shells, unsuited and unattainable to many businesses, especially those just starting out.


Is Serviced the Solution?

So, is there an answer to this problem? Is it just going to spread everywhere and snuff out the small guys? Well, not if small, serviced offices have anything to do with it. These are the revolution in our country’s work spaces and are the perfect solution to the snowball effect.

It’s not just the small, up and coming businesses that can reap the benefits of serviced offices though. Larger corporations also see them as great ready-made alternatives to network their brand in a cost effective way.


Worry Less, Work More

So what is it about a compact serviced space that is so appealing? Firstly, it immediately cuts out a huge deal of stress and organisation on your part. Your hosts sort out all the utility bills and property management, leaving you to get on with the important things – such as making a success of your business. With a serviced office, life is easier and those little hassles are taken care of.

We all want to be a little bit more flexible. With serviced, you can guarantee fantastic rates and unmatched flexibility. Available up and down the country, the serviced office solution is usually all inclusive, with no hidden costs involved. Not only that, but you can choose to have a rolling contract, so you don’t feel like you’re tied down indefinitely.


Small Offices to Lead the Way

Nobody wants a broom cupboard as an office, but a neat, compact area with all the mod-cons can really have everything you need. As large scale filing becomes more and more redundant, computers slimmer than ever and desk design more ergonomic, offices don’t need to be as big anymore.

The modern office shouldn’t be wasting valuable floor space. It’s simply not worth the cost, when you could downsize and get just as much work produced. Going small just means you have to become a little bit more creative with how you occupy your area. Space saving techniques can be found in abundance on the internet and they really aren’t that difficult to implement.


Feel Secure and Add a Personal Touch

A smaller office is a place of focus and drive, where there are fewer distractions, less noise and less hassle. It becomes somewhere easy to instigate communication, to share ideas. There’s a misconception that smaller offices equal an inferior business, but the general work ethic can be every bit as strong as larger floor plans. Shrinking your office space will focus your attention to what’s at hand.

If you work alone, then a small, serviced office is ideal to begin growing your company. With maximum flexibility thrown in for good measure, enabling you to upgrade or relocate at a chosen time, you’re left with little to worry about. For many small businesses in particular, the added bonus of excellent, round the clock security makes serviced office space a real winner. The flexibility continues on into the office itself; options of adding desks and your own personal touches as you go blasts the myth that serviced space is overly limiting and lacking in personality.


The Perfect Alternative

Send Business Centre specialise in a whole range of exceptional serviced office spaces. With 24 hour parking and top class security, you’ll be hard pushed to find a better place to start your small office revolution.

Set in a backdrop of lakes and hills, Send Business Centre offer a professional service with a reputation to match. You’ll discover great prices and add-ons included, such as high speed fibre optic broadband – ideal as a base for your business.