LED Energy Efficiency in lighting

Send Business Centre is going green… we want to help everyone; the environment by reducing energy consumption and you, by knowing that we are doing all we can to provide the best electricity for your business. We understand that using LEDs (light emitting diodes) use a fifth of typical fluorescent light bulbs to produce the same light in your office. We also know that a well-lit office environment is important to you, so you can help saving the environment and reducing energy consumption without feeling the impacts of having dim or low light.

Although you think that £25 per light bulb is too extortionate, just remember that we are providing you and your office environment 100 000 hours of light, rather than the 1000 hours of normal light bulbs. This means that we can make sure that your business can keep running for 11 years without turning off the lights. We are upgrading and developing our business hub and the businesses within it to save the costs of keeping your business in the light, as well as making sure that you are not interrupted during the growth and success of your business to change a light bulb.

You need the office environment that you can control, from the success of your business to turning on the lights. These LED lights essentially mini digital lights so they instantly illuminate and do not take any time to warm up that would make you wait before you can get down to work.

If you are concerned about your business having a green stamp, then you will be sure that the LED lights in your offices save 80-90% of the energy consumption of normal light bulbs. Also, LED lights are completely free from toxic chemicals like mercury that can harm both you and the environment. Having no chemicals, they are 100% recyclable thus letting you make your mark on reducing the production of normal and more harmful light bulbs in our fight to make a safer, greener future.

We believe in your business and making sure that you have the best, safest and most efficient working environment to grow a successful business. That is why we are sure to provide only the highest quality, most effective and greenest light to you!