There are a number of reasons why serviced offices are becoming increasingly popular, and are becoming the preferred option over traditional offices. Below are just some of the advantages to having a serviced office in today’s highly competitive marketplace, but individual businesses will find their own unique benefits as well.

Lower start up costs for serviced offices

The start up costs for a traditional office can be enormous. Businesses are usually required to fork out for deposits on rental and leasehold properties alike. Then there are fit-out costs and purchasing fixtures, fittings, furniture and equipment, along with installing vital amenities like phone systems and internet.

All of this expenditure limits the available finance for investment opportunities once your business has entered the new office. It could even lead a business to having trouble sustaining cash flow.

However, serviced offices do not involve these sorts of costs; instead you get short term agreements and all-inclusive packages at affordable fixed rates, and the option of furnished or unfurnished offices that are of an extremely high standard. Serviced offices are modern and benefit from the latest technology and interior design trends.

Serviced offices are flexible

Flexibility for a business is vital in today’s highly changeable economy. Today businesses need to be able to upscale at short notice in order to meet quick surges in demand, and by the same token downsize when the market or economy shifts into decline. Serviced offices are perfect for this. The short term, easy-in, easy-out contracts and the ability to buy extra office space, meeting rooms and storage space as and when you need them are inordinately helpful for businesses.

This kind of flexibility means that businesses can respond to the rapidly changing marketplace with relative ease, growing and shrinking as necessary.

Faster facilitation in serviced offices

Furnishing and equipping a traditional office and making it fit for purpose is not just more costly than with a serviced office. It also takes a lot more time. This is because businesses have to first secure the lease, which can take time in itself. Then they need to undertake relevant surveys on the property. Then the necessary remodelling, furnishing and facilitation of the required technologies can be extensive. You’ll find that with serviced offices, the delays are minimal and moving in is relatively hassle-free.

Serviced offices bring prestige to a business

Prestigious office addresses in sought-after locations used to be reserved for only the biggest, most esteemed companies. Thanks to serviced offices, businesses are not as restricted as they once were, having to try and find the most affordable leases in the cheapest areas. Businesses can opt for an address in the centre of town, or in the heart of the resplendent Surrey countryside like Send Business Centre. Businesses at Send benefit from much more ample parking than a town centre, and quick, easy access to the motorways – an attraction for both businesses and their clients.

Fixed Cost Security

With most serviced office packages, your costs – including all your utilities – are all-inclusive and part of the monthly fee. This provides businesses with security in terms of their cost planning as well as their cash flow. Traditional offices do not work like this; businesses face a large number of variable costs, including phone bills, heating, water, electricity, printing and much more.

There are many more benefits of serviced offices; these are just some of the highlights. Some of the extra benefits you get when you purchase a serviced office package from Send Business Centre are:

  • 24 hour access to your office
  • High speed Wi-Fi with 3ms latency thanks to Send’s decision to lay its own optical fibre
  • No hidden costs
  • 250 parking spaces
  • Close proximity to Woking, Guildford and the M25
  • An internet garden and stunning views of the Surrey countryside and the River Wey Navigation Canal

To know more about the serviced office packages that Send Business Centre can offer, call 01483 225617.