Welcome to 4 Tannery House – Dynamic Office Space in Surrey

Nestled alongside 3 Tannery House and sharing the same address, 4 Tannery House extends the opportunity to be part of a vibrant business hub. Perfectly suited for small, medium, and hybrid businesses, our office spaces in the heart of Surrey, between Guildford and Woking, offer flexibility and a dynamic working environment.

Versatile Office Solutions
At 4 Tannery House, we cater to a diverse range of business needs with our variety of office sizes. Whether you are a small startup, a growing medium-sized enterprise, or a business exploring hybrid models, our spaces are designed to support and adapt to your evolving requirements.

Views, Light, and Location
Offices at the back of 4 Tannery House enjoy peaceful views of the River Wey and National Trust land, creating a serene backdrop that enhances workplace well-being. The front-facing offices boast easy access, ideal for businesses that benefit from frequent visits by clients and customers.

Bright, Airy, and Secure
Like its neighbours, 4 Tannery House features large windows in every office, flooding workspaces with natural light and promoting a productive, open atmosphere. Security is un-compromised, with key fob access ensuring a safe and secure environment for all tenants.

Connectivity and Convenience
Located strategically between Guildford and Woking, 4 Tannery House offers superb connectivity to local transport links and amenities. This prime location ensures that your business is well-placed to thrive in a bustling economic landscape.

A Hub for Professional Growth
4 Tannery House is more than just an office space; it’s a community. Here, businesses of all sizes find common ground in a professional setting designed to foster collaboration, innovation, and growth.

Experience 4 Tannery House

Our Offices

Office/Room Number Building Size People
Office 1 Ground Floor, 1 Tannery House 751 Sq Ft 7-8
Office 3 Ground Floor, 1 Tannery House 1236 sq.ft. 10
Office 2a Ground Floor, 3 Tannery House 100 Sq Ft 2
Office 2c Ground Floor, 3 Tannery House 49 Sq Ft 1
Office 2d Ground Floor, 3 Tannery House 51 Sq Ft 1
Office 6 Ground Floor, 4 Tannery House 260 Sq Ft 5
Office 7 Ground Floor, 4 Tannery House 218 sq.ft. 5
Office 4 First Floor, 3 Tannery House 264 sq.ft 4-5
Office 1a First Floor, 4 Tannery House 95 Sq Ft 2
Office 3 First Floor, 4 Tannery House 263 sq.ft. 4-5
Office 4 First Floor, 4 Tannery House 268 Sq Ft 4-5
Office 5 First Floor, 4 Tannery House 235 Sq Ft 4-5
Office 6b First Floor, 4 Tannery House 122 Sq Ft 2-3
Office 6c First Floor, 4 Tannery House 226 Sq Ft 3-4

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