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Located right next to 1 Tannery House, 3 Tannery House offers a range of smaller, cost-effective office spaces designed with affordability and functionality in mind. Situated between Guildford and Woking in the heart of Surrey, our offices provide the ideal solution for startups, freelancers, and small businesses seeking a professional environment without a hefty price tag.

Affordable Flexibility
3 Tannery House is your gateway to obtaining a professional workspace that aligns with your budgetary requirements. Our smaller office units are perfect for those who require a compact yet efficient working area that maintains high standards of comfort and style.

Scenic Views and Easy Access
Just like our neighbor at 1 Tannery House, offices at the rear of the building enjoy stunning views of the River Wey and lush National Trust land, offering a peaceful retreat from the busy workday. Front offices benefit from easy access, making them ideal for businesses expecting regular visits from clients and partners.

Bright and Secure Workspaces
Each office at 3 Tannery House is equipped with large windows, ensuring plenty of natural light and a spacious feel. Security is a top priority, with access to the building controlled by key fobs, providing a safe and secure environment for all our tenants.

Strategic Location
Enjoy the convenience of a location that bridges the gap between the bustling centres of Guildford and Woking. This prime positioning not only offers excellent connectivity but also places you in a vibrant area teeming with potential business opportunities and amenities.

Designed for Modern Needs
At 3 Tannery House, we understand the dynamics of modern business needs. Our offices are designed to be versatile, catering to a variety of professional setups, from digital nomads to emerging startups.

Join Our Community
Choosing 3 Tannery House means positioning your business in a supportive and professional setting. Here, you can leverage the same address and features as 1 Tannery House, but with an emphasis on affordability and practicality.

Experience 3 Tannery House

Our Offices

Office/Room Number Building Size People
Office 1 Ground Floor, 1 Tannery House 751 Sq Ft 7-8
Office 3 Ground Floor, 1 Tannery House 1236 sq.ft. 10
Office 2a Ground Floor, 3 Tannery House 100 Sq Ft 2
Office 2c Ground Floor, 3 Tannery House 49 Sq Ft 1
Office 2d Ground Floor, 3 Tannery House 51 Sq Ft 1
Office 6 Ground Floor, 4 Tannery House 260 Sq Ft 5
Office 7 Ground Floor, 4 Tannery House 218 sq.ft. 5
Office 4 First Floor, 3 Tannery House 264 sq.ft 4-5
Office 1a First Floor, 4 Tannery House 95 Sq Ft 2
Office 3 First Floor, 4 Tannery House 263 sq.ft. 4-5
Office 4 First Floor, 4 Tannery House 268 Sq Ft 4-5
Office 5 First Floor, 4 Tannery House 235 Sq Ft 4-5
Office 6b First Floor, 4 Tannery House 122 Sq Ft 2-3
Office 6c First Floor, 4 Tannery House 226 Sq Ft 3-4

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3 Tannery House

Find the perfect home right in the heart of our business centre with our practical, yet affordable offices.