Welcome to 1 Tannery House – Your Ideal Office Space in Surrey

Discover the perfect balance of accessibility, security, and scenic beauty at 1 Tannery House, strategically located between Guildford and Woking, in the vibrant heart of Surrey. Our exclusive office building offers a variety of spaces designed to meet the diverse needs of modern professionals and businesses.

Choose Your Space
1 Tannery House features six modern offices, including five medium-sized options and one expansive large office. Whether you’re a startup looking to cultivate a creative environment or an established business needing more room to grow, we have the perfect space for you.

Scenic and Strategic
Offices at the rear of 1 Tannery House enjoy tranquil views of the River Wey and the lush, protected landscapes of the National Trust. These serene backdrops not only enhance your working environment but also provide a continuous source of inspiration and relaxation for you and your team.

Designed for Success
The front offices at 1 Tannery House are epitomised by their ease of access, making them ideal for businesses that expect frequent visitors or simply value convenience. All offices boast large, airy windows that flood each room with natural light, creating a bright, inviting atmosphere that’s perfect for productivity.

Uncompromised Security and Accessibility
Security is paramount at 1 Tannery House. Access to the building is controlled via key fobs, ensuring a safe and private environment for all tenants. This secure access, coupled with our strategic location in Surrey, makes 1 Tannery House a highly desirable office rental option.

Connect and Expand
Positioned between the dynamic hubs of Guildford and Woking, our offices offer unbeatable connectivity to both towns and the surrounding areas. This prime location ensures that you’re never too far from potential collaborators, clients, and the extensive amenities offered by these thriving communities.

Your Business Deserves the Best
At 1 Tannery House, we understand that the right environment can make all the difference. That’s why we’ve crafted each office space with the utmost attention to detail and a focus on what professionals need. Light, spacious, and versatile, our offices are ready to be the foundation of your success.

Explore how 1 Tannery House can elevate your business today. Visit us between Guildford and Woking, where opportunity and nature meet.

Experience 1 Tannery House

Our Offices

Office/Room Number Building Size People
Office 1 Ground Floor, 1 Tannery House 751 Sq Ft 7-8
Office 3 Ground Floor, 1 Tannery House 1236 sq.ft. 10
Office 2a Ground Floor, 3 Tannery House 100 Sq Ft 2
Office 2c Ground Floor, 3 Tannery House 49 Sq Ft 1
Office 2d Ground Floor, 3 Tannery House 51 Sq Ft 1
Office 6 Ground Floor, 4 Tannery House 260 Sq Ft 5
Office 7 Ground Floor, 4 Tannery House 218 sq.ft. 5
Office 4 First Floor, 3 Tannery House 264 sq.ft 4-5
Office 1a First Floor, 4 Tannery House 95 Sq Ft 2
Office 3 First Floor, 4 Tannery House 263 sq.ft. 4-5
Office 4 First Floor, 4 Tannery House 268 Sq Ft 4-5
Office 5 First Floor, 4 Tannery House 235 Sq Ft 4-5
Office 6b First Floor, 4 Tannery House 122 Sq Ft 2-3
Office 6c First Floor, 4 Tannery House 226 Sq Ft 3-4

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