Send Business Centre’s ‘Dedicated Uncontended Broadband’…

Send Business Centre, based between Woking and Guildford is offering mouth-watering broadband speeds. To understand just how good our internet is I need to explain what we are offering….

What does ‘Dedicated Uncontended Broadband’ actually mean?  Well, you know when your ‘fast connection’ at home is slower at peak times. That’s because it’s ‘contended’ or put more simply, you are sharing the connection with hundreds, or thousands of other people.

What you should ask your internet provider, is what is the contention ratio – i.e. How many people are sharing your connection – if everyone is downloading a film at the same time, a 20mb connection could be as slower than dialup.

Because Send Business Centre laid its own broadband pipeline, we don’t have to share our connection. We give all our tenants are free trial of our Dedicated Leased Line connection and can guarantee minimum upload and download speeds to suit your business.

This means you can upload or download quicker than ever before, never needing to wait for a page to load again. This type of Broadband connection is very rare, and is even more rare for smaller businesses to get their hands on due to the extremely high costs involved in having the cabling laid especially.

What is means for you is –

super fast broadband – 100mb/s
Perfect for VOP phones
Great for the Music industry where uploading and downlaoding large files in secind is important
Companies with servers that require a ‘always on’ internet connection.