After two years of planning, Send Business Centre’s Fibre Optic Leased Line Broadband is operational with a 1000meg, or 1 Gigabyte bandwidth capacity coming directly into the site for the exclusive benefit of all our tenants.

Send Business Centre negotiated way leaves itself direct up to the exchange (a ‘hub’ where the is supplied from), then physically laid its own ducking then had the fibre was blown through direct to our offices. Because we own the infrastructure, we can apportion or use the capacity uncontended (i.e. we don’t have to share capacity like other business centres or you do at home) for our Tenant’s exclusive use.

Although our current cat 6 Ethernet cabling to our offices can run 10 Gb, the centre is now embarking on a programme of rolling out fibre to desk – that’s right, our horizontal backbone cabling infrastructure will be OM3 Fibre right to your desk, giving your business super-fast lightning quick upload and download speeds that you can only dream about.

The Centre offers a range of bandwidth speeds to suit your business – symmetrical up and download speeds, leased line capacity on only 3 months notice. Whatever speed your business needs, you need to future proof yourself. At Send Business Centre we can offer you the full package along with physically secure rack or U availability.