Are you are considering giving your office a refresh in 2015, but you’re not sure what direction to go in, or what fashion to adopt? Here is a list of interior design ideas that are setting the trends for 2015 offices.

Warm, cosy and touchy-feely

This style is starting to take over from the smooth, minimalistic, contemporary look of offices in the last 10 years. Stark, white, sterile offices are giving way to offices full of natural materials, quirky textures and visual centrepieces. More and more offices are installing living walls or vertical gardens for example – framed, walled ‘artwork’ that is actually a collection of real plants and flowers. Features like this will make your office a much more interesting and inviting place to work in.

Experimental sound proofing

Open plan offices are becoming more and more popular, yet the debate rages on over whether the open plan system is actually good for businesses. While open plan offices promote collaboration, teamwork and a friendlier office, they can also become distraction hotbeds, with noise levels and a lack of privacy and space for concentration proving hugely detrimental to many employees’ productivity.

Interior designers are working on unique solutions to this problem, and their solutions are likely to become a new trend in 2015. Different kinds of partitioning, screens, sound masking panels, seating and innovative noise-dampening ‘ceiling clouds’ are starting to feature within the design of an open plan office. Some offices are also testing ‘Pink Noise’. This is a continuous sound that shares the same frequency of the human voice and sounds like ocean waves; it is designed to absorb nearby conversations and prevent people from being distracted.

A ‘mash-up’ of styles

The interior design of modern offices is becoming more and more eclectic; instead of trying maintain a corporate brand identity in the office, businesses are looking to create a ‘mash-up’ of styles in their work space. Businesses want to encourage employees to come into work each day, and bland, corporate, charisma-free offices are sometimes the best way of warding them off.

Now businesses are starting to realise their mistake. Increasingly they are looking to fill their workspace with wall art, intriguing accessories and quirky furniture that itself is a mesh of styles – chairs, tables, desks, sofas and cabinets that are contemporary-classic blends, with bold retro features. Businesses are recognising the importance of creating ‘domestic workplaces’ – an office that you could just as easily and comfortably live in. These sorts of offices – which are likely to become increasingly unique, individual and eccentric as time goes on – are the ones that are likely to foster the best productivity levels.

Abstract offices

Design trends for 2015 that are not specific to offices, but trends within the fashion world, are bold, abstract configurations and patterns and geometric shapes. You’ll start to see this in the textiles of office furniture, the patterns on the upholstery, and in the designs of floor and wall coverings. However, it’s also expected that offices will start to adopt the geometric trend in the way they position furniture, partitions and ceiling bulkheads, creating unusual, angular shapes.


Moving into an unfurnished serviced office is a great way of exploring new design trends in your workplace. Serviced offices are quick, easy and affordable to move into, and you could spend the time you would’ve spent moving into a traditional office arranging and installing unique furniture to make the space your own. If you’d like to know more about the serviced office packages offered by Send Business Centre, call 01483 225617.