Don’t let your storage unit resemble a war zone with Send Business Centres…

Top Tips on packing your storage unit…

  • Use the correct packaging.
    • If possible use the original packaging but if this isnt available use good quality packaging and not a load of old boxes from the supermarket. If you value your possessions package them properly and they’ll survive the storage experience.
  • Stay organised
    • Fully label your boxes. Whilst you might remember in the short term that you packed your iron in with your hairdryer, six months down the line you could end up opening several boxes to find what you need if you had just taken a few moments to label correctly in the first place.
  • Pack your boxes fully.
    • We dont mean cram them full of stuff and make them really heavy. Pack them out with bubble wrap and empty boxes if need be so they (and the items in them) dont get crushed.
  • Pack non essential items first.
    • Keep the important stuff towards the front of your locker.
  • Keep items from the same room together where possible.
    • When you come to unpack you’ll save yourself lots of time.
  • Roll or hang clothes insteads of folding them
    • This will save creases
  • Remove any liquids
    • Where possible remove liquids, e.g. printer ink, and anything with an odour.
  • Insure your items.
    • If you have valuables in your lockup, then insure them.

Now you have everything packed at home you’ll need to transport it to your storage unit. Make sure you…

  • Pack your van in reverse.
    • Pack the stuff you want at the front of your storage locker at the back of the van.
  • Do you need regular access?
    • If so make sure you plan in space so that you can access stuff quickly without unloading your unit fully
  • Storing household appliances?
    • Drain off any water and leave fridge doors open to prevent mildew forming.
  • Labels facing out
    • make sure any labels are facing the front, dont just throw boxes in.
  • Stack the heavy stuff at the bottom
    • think a bit of safety first, pack the heavy stuff at the bottom of the unit
  • Stack sofas and mattresses flat if possible.
    • This stops gravity shifting the fillings to one end

Hopefully these tips will ensure your storage unit is safe and secure and that your items remain in good condition. If you need any advice please contact us at Send Business Centre for more help.