Serviced offices are very much the here and now. Like a gleaming sports car, they are beginning to overtake the dependable, if expensive old 4×4. There are several reasons for this ostensible switch in attitudes.

One is that premium leased offices in city centres are just too expensive and hard to get hold of. Another is that our culture is changing at a startling speed – technology and design are reshaping the way we think about our offices. As the next generation of business owners come into the frame -brought up on home computers and handheld gadgets – the mindset on the dynamics of offices have shifted somewhat. A bright new future, one built upon flexibility and versatility, is upon us.

Welcome to a new breed of office

So if serviced offices really are the way forward, then aren’t they undone by the cost of their facilities? Well, in one word – no.

In fact, they are even more reasonable and cost effective in the long term than their more traditional counterparts. This isn’t just a fad, the fully packaged, fully equipped office is now available near you, because business centres are popping up all over the country, faster than you can say, ‘goodbye traditional.’

The price is right

In financial terms, the figures speak for themselves. The average cost of a serviced office is £307 per month per person as opposed to £343 for more traditional leased spaces. The advantage of serviced offices is that within that price, so much is included as well.

You get inclusive bills, facilities, parking, security, reception duties, furnishings, cleaning and catering services all thrown in. There are no additional bills, hidden costs and far fewer legal responsibilities attached.

A flexible future

Essentially, serviced offices promote a far less stressful opportunity for business owners, young and old. The flexibility of contracts is another key benefit, whereby you don’t have to fix a long term deal in a climate of financial uncertainty. The pressure is turned right down with serviced offices. If you can no longer afford a large office, then you can downsize to a smaller space. That’s what you call flexibility.

Financially, a traditional office is more of a commitment, meaning that start up businesses especially would be taking more of a gamble, given the sometimes volatile nature of business. With serviced shining bright as an alternative to conventional offices, more and more are seeing the benefits of an inclusive space to work in.

So why not free yourself and your finances up, and phone Send Business Centre now on 01483 225617 for a fresh start with a serviced office.