‘Ergonomics’ may sound like a course you’d rather steer clear of at University, but actually the truth is a lot more beautiful than the name suggests. This is because what it means in everyday terms is an “ingenuity of design to satisfy a person in both body and mind.”

With health and safety, rules and regulations, and not to mention bad backs rife in today’s society, the world of ergonomics is really starting to blast off into the workplace stratosphere. Since the Stone Age, Man has been trying to figure out ways of making things more comfortable, more appealing. After all, who wants to sit on a slab of cold rock all day long?

The Science of Office Design

The science of design evolves in every corner of our lives, from the remote control resting on the arm of your chair, to the bed that your dog sleeps in, to the slim, metallic curve of your bathroom door handle.

The office is an epicentre of ergonomic potential. People spend more time in the office than they do in their own homes, so why should their swivel chair be any less comfortable than their deep and cosy armchair?

The Key to Success?

Office bosses should demand a certain work ethic that remains relatively consistent. This ideal can be regularly challenged though, by the rigours of poorly designed furniture and equipment. Why? Because humans work better when they;re happy – it’s as simple as that. Boost the happiness, and productivity should rise too.

So, ergonomics is one of many keys to access a work force’s happiness. If only it were as easy as turning a key and pushing open a door.

For starters, it’s not all just about the office furniture. Ergonomics incorporates all levels of design, including the very shape and layout of your work place. An ergonomic office can create space,

The science of ergonomics understands that static positioning is not a good thing for our bodies. Hunched over a desk 9-5 can lead to long term back and posture complaints. Some desk workers won’t even get up out of their seat to go to lunch, preferring to eat in front of the computer screen.

In an effort to remedy this frightening habit, newly fitted, ergonomic offices encourage workers to get up, move around and enjoy the space more freely. This could mean breakout areas, meeting pods, break time zones with sofas, exercise equipment, standing desks – all of which are not only better for the body, but also for creating a greater team spirit.

Free Your Office Up

Ergonomics is also linked to the mastery of space. So many offices misunderstand and misuse this crucial element which is to their detriment in the long term. Having too many over-sized desks, too many half-filled filing cabinets and all in the wrong place are ingredients for unrest in the office.

One solution would be to switch to digital storage, rather than an antiquated and space-guzzling paper based one. There are greater opportunities nowadays for offices to be as uncluttered, inspirational and serene as they have ever been.

Switch to Natural Light

A greater emphasis on lighting can also bring ergonomics to the modern office. Rethinking space and letting more natural light in, can have massive long term benefits to the staff. Offices tend to rely too heavily on artificial lights and shy away from using their windows, even on bright days. Coupled with a constant gaze on the computer screen, this exposure to artificial light can cause eye strain, headaches and nausea over long periods of time.

An ergonomic office works out ways to let the sun back in the office and maximise levels of natural light, whilst reducing glare. A more open office space is the perfect start for this kind of solution. Alongside glass partitions and screens and a keen eye on room arrangements, the search for a productivity boost will soon be over.

Say Goodbye to Ailments

Finally, ergonomics comes full circle and back to the individual and how they are positioned to work. The humble desk and chair are still the foundation of any office and remain the number one cause for days off sick amongst staff. Therefore, it makes sense to invest in equipment that accommodates and protects against long term ill effects. Your productivity is yearning out for an ergonomic makeover, so plan ahead for long lasting success.

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