Does your business operate in the creative industry? Well one business is creating a community for you to thrive in. Tannery Studios is located in Send, Guildford and are currently converting an old tannery into a state-of-the-art digital business hub.

The music, digital and animation sectors have for the last 10 years grown at twice the rate of the UK economy and Tannery Studios is investing in infrastructure to meet this demand. Why Send? Well Guildford remains a hub of the computer games industry with EA Games at the centre. The Academy of Contemporary Music and University of Surrey’s Tonmeister course provide a continuous stream of talented creative industries graduates who migrate to London after graduation because of the lack of creative studios and other facilities in the area. It is Tannery Studios aim to fill this gap and provide the resources and infrastructure demanded by fast growing tech companies.

Tannery Studios is part of Send Business Centre. Already established as a leader in high speed broadband equipped, serviced offices just on the outskirts of London. In a rural setting, next to the Wey Navigation Canal, Tannery Studios will allow creative’s to flourish and prosper without the need to travel into the city to access technology that’s normally only found there. The facilities are designed to appeal to the burgeoning number of sub-contractors in the growth sectors of the gaming industries, pre and post production video and sound companies, applications developers and associated industries such as design and software.

Can you picture your business thriving with likeminded people in Tannery Studios? Interested in seeing more? Check out the Tannery Studios Blog