A lot of people believe that serviced offices are an expensive option, which puts them out of reach of smaller, more budget-conscious businesses. The truth is, serviced offices are often a much more suitable and appropriate option for a small business than a traditional office lease. Here are a few reasons why.

 1. Serviced offices are flexible

Upsizing and downsizing are much easier with a serviced office than when you are tied down to a traditional lease. Serviced offices are adaptable, which is vital in today’s economy, and small businesses in particular need to be able to react to the market quickly. Service plans can be arranged to suit your business, too.

Send Business Centre, for example, has a huge array of serviced offices available on a per-desk or per-office basis, enjoying 24-hour access and a full spread of amenities, with easy in, easy out terms. Send BC recognises the importance of flexibility in its serviced office contracts.

 2. Serviced offices are not as expensive as you think

Setting up office in the traditional way is expensive because you have to purchase everything you need up front, whereas desks, chairs, IT infrastructure, telephones and kitchen facilities are offered with serviced office packages. In addition, many people believe that the monthly costs of using a serviced office are higher than those of a conventional office.

However, serviced offices like Send Business Centre offer all-inclusive packages, with rent, cleaning, security, furniture, reception services, car parking, internet, phones and much more all included in the rates. The benefit of reception services is particularly valuable to small businesses; staff taking calls or greeting visitors can help small businesses to promote and maintain a professional, client-facing image.

3. Serviced offices put small businesses on the map in prime locations

Small, budget-conscious businesses will want to have office space in good locations with good transport links, so that they are convenient for clients to visit. Conventional offices in prime locations are not often in financial reach of a small business, but serviced offices are. Send Business Centre is in a prime Surrey location, combining the beauty and mystique of rural Surrey with inordinately easy access to the M25 and London and close proximity to Woking and Guildford. And with unlimited free parking, the savings really add up.

4. Serviced offices are quick and easy to move into

Unlike conventional offices, which either require the purchase and installation of equipment if you’re just setting up, or the disassembling, moving and reassembling of existing equipment, serviced offices require none of this. Your furniture, desks, phones, IT infrastructure, heating and ventilation are all set up and ready to go with a serviced office. All you need to do is bring your laptop and paperwork. In addition, because serviced offices like those at Send Business Centre are available on easy in, easy out terms, it’s virtually hassle-free to move out again if you need to.

5. Serviced offices offer 24-hour access

Serviced offices are all about flexibility, and providers know that small businesses require flexibility in the hours they work, because they are finding their feet in their respective market. Some will want to work late into the night; some will want to arrive early in the morning. Therefore serviced offices like Send Business Centre come with 24-hour access.

 Ultimately, the word ‘serviced’ is what’s important in the term ‘serviced office’ and it is that word that small businesses should focus on. The fact that the office is fully equipped, maintained, cleaned and secured means that they can focus on their business without worrying about the ‘housekeeping’. For a small business, this is invaluable.

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