You spend most of the day working in your office and sharing moments with your boss. You could say that this relationship is one of the most important in your life for the impact it has on your professional and emotional wellbeing. But … have you ever stopped to think what you do to maintain a good relationship with your boss?

Be Attentive. Not only regarding their words, but their movements. What reaction do you have when you walk into your office? How do you talk in front of your co-workers? All this information can make you rethink how you see your boss.

Stop complaining! Do you get paid little, work hard, and no one recognises your achievements? Use that energy to find solutions to the problems that exist around your job and watch wage growth and recognition come later. Rather than mourn customers that the company has lost, prepare a marketing plan alternative and introduce it to your boss.

You can always give a little more. When you have finished all your boss has assigned you, try to work beyond your responsibilities, and when you’re done, ask for some extra work and tell him or her you still hunger for success.

What are your aspirations? Really know what motivates you in your work. Is it the money, is it the job satisfaction? Is the option to climb to higher positions of responsibility the key? Think about it and make your boss know of your aspirations.

What are your expectations? Is your boss what you expected? Communicate that you wish you had written your expectations of all your tasks in the short and medium term (long-term would be great too). You can easily keep a healthy relationship with your boss, provided you know what awaits you. Organise a monthly 30-minute meeting to discuss not only your expectations but also your aspirations.

What is their style? Each boss has their own style: some are authoritarian, democratic, advisory or even complacent. If you know the style of yours, that will help you better understand your actions and give you a better idea of how to harmonise with them.

Know your talent. Your boss has assigned you a job, which is to sit in front of the computer in a dark room when what you really want, is to be visiting customers. Maybe you have a solution to your problem if you communicate what you really like to do, and that it’s something you both stand to gain from. Again, that word ‘communication’ is what it really boils down to.

Earn their trust. Through hard work, results, and fellowship, you can never be too far from success. You shouldn’t go bad-mouthing the boss to your team-mates, because at best it will create a negative and unproductive environment. At worst, your boss will find out and give you the marching orders! Instead, let them know that you are there together for common goals. Your boss needs you more than you think. The result of your work will be reflected in their successes.

Don’t say yes to everything. Though the natural tendency is to yield to all propositions that your boss decides, do not hesitate to offer alternatives if you see that something is not viable. You’ll notice that you have the ability and courage to present your opinions as long as you do the latter in a respectful manner.

Remember that the boss’s job is not easy. They have the pressure of another boss above them, to manage several subordinates (with the same or more problems than you), and try to make the business succeed. Praise them when they deserve it and forge a partnership that will work for both of you.

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