Send Business Centre is almost ready to Open its First Sound Studio…

Thats right, we are almost ready to open the First fully functional state of the art Sound Recording Studio here in Send! (near Woking Surrey)

Once upon a time we just provided Serviced Office Space In Send, now we offer many services such as Commercial Storage Space with 24 hour a day access, Office Space, 100Mb/second Broadband, now we are offering Sound Recording Studios. Talk about a Full Service Company!

Here’s a little background of how this amazingly rare development kicked off… A few months ago, one of the Guildford based Academy of Contemporary Music’s most famous graduates Ben Preston approached us wanting a studio to produce more hit singles. In collaboration with Ben, we researched buying a pre-fabricated studio. However, these were both expensive and small. Blessed with large amounts of space, we took the plunge and decided to build a custom made test studio for Ben.

After consulting with several of the bigger studio design specialists, we have now finished building works to the studio with a spec to 120db – only the electrics are left to go in. According to Ben sound studio to this standard are far and few between (quite rare) and in high demand. We believe we are on to a winner here, with the option of ‘uncontended dedicated bandwidth’ of 100mb/s available from our exclusive fibre pipeline, sound producers will be able to download and upload gigabyte files in seconds, not hours or days and all at extremely competitive prices, and outside of London with practically unlimited parking!

If you are interested in sound studios, are on a budget but don’t wish to compromise in sound studio features and quality, feel completely free to call us for a quick look round our First studio. We are sure you will love it, and feel right at home…

We are available on 01483 225617.