Today (August 15th 2011) the BT engineers pulled through a pipe through the ducting the business centre recently laid to the Woking Node (where the fibre optic cable is connected too).  Tomorrow the engineers will return and use compressed air to blow through the fibre optic cable and connect it up to Send Business Centre’s comms cupboard.

Send Business Centre will soon offer leased line to all business’ onsite with almost no lead time and little or no connection fee as the leased line is already connected!  The fibre will dramatically increase our tenant’s broadband speeds, giving super fast broadband to all.

Send business centre will then invest to achieve total resiliency by running a fibre to the Guilford node too, giving the business centre the best connection and resiliency in the wider area to both Woking and Guildford. True resiliency that is better than most of London, which is only a 25 minute train ride away from Woking station.