Many of us spend more time in and around our offices than we do our own homes. Yet, we can’t stop tinkering with the layout of our living rooms, shifting one bookcase out, one chest-of-drawers in. This doesn’t make sense. Our offices should make us feel every bit as content as our homes – after all, who works well in a space they can’t bear?

It’s Part of the Human Condition

Being comfortable in our surroundings isn’t a new philosophy. Our search for more space is as old as the early cave dwellers who needed plenty of room on the walls for their paintings. Nowadays, the world has shrunk unimaginably and we are all fighting for a pathetic few square feet here and the width of a table leg there.

Our serviced offices are a place where we need to be at our best. At home, we can be our worst and nobody cares. But at work, we need to produce and develop and create and manage and…well, you get the idea. Feeling cramped does not tend to harmonise with our human minds. We like space and we like order. Therefore, every sinew should be stretched to make your serviced office space a divine sanctuary to work from.

Say Hello to Your Floor

Serviced Office Space Photocopier - Send Business CentreSo, how do you make the most with what you’ve got? Well it sounds obvious, but initially you should spend a bit of time researching how much space you need. Serviced offices come in all shapes and sizes and there needs to be room for any equipment you’re bringing along with you.

So when you’re choosing your serviced office, get a tape measure out and work out what sort of size you’ll need. Writing up a floorplan (to scale) is also a good idea, so you get a strong impression in your head from the outset.

Get into good habits too. Put things back where they were and if something has its place, then let it be so. Avoid mess and say hello to your floor. It’s your hallowed turf and should be free to walk without obstacles to tumble over.

So what are the biggest eaters of floor space in the office then? Filing cabinets are greedy and desks are greedier still. Other equipment, such as photocopiers and shredders can be peckish and lastly you have chairs, plants and lamps that are positively fasting in comparison with the others.

Small can be Beautiful

Serviced Office Space Desk - Send Business CentreIn terms of desks, there’s no need for a huge boxy desk anymore. Computers are no longer the size of treasure chests. These days, you might only use a laptop or tablet, making a colossal desk practically redundant. This means, a desk can be both compact and tidy. Alternatively, you might want to hot desk, especially if you see that there’s desks frequently left empty. Be creative with your space and don’t be afraid to make bold moves in order to make more space.

Storage – businesses need to radically reorganise the way they deal with it. Gone are the days when everything needs to be paper based. Plenty of time and effort should be invested in more efficient ways of storing space through cloud based access and also a new generation of cabinet.

Break New Ground

The old, grey, metal filing cabinet is something of an office dinosaur but is still frequently used all over the place. There are tons of other great options coming on the market; rotating units that double the amount of space used, sideways sliding systems, high density storage wall and vertical filing, are just some of the methods around. Look them up and be amazed.

Not only will this save you floor, but also make things quicker to find and therefore push up productivity. In the case of the storage wall, these can even double up as a partition between serviced office areas!

With Send Business Centre, your choice of serviced office space is fully equipped to be maximised. With so much selection, you’ll easily be able to make a success of the space and not worry about cramped, cluttered conditions.