In last years Autumn budget, the Chancellor, George Osborne promised to put more money into local enterprise partnerships.George Osborne said…

Government spending should be aligned with the priorities of the local business community. We will provide new money to support the local enterprise partnerships and from April 2015 the government will place more of the funding that currently goes to local transport, housing skills and getting people back to work into a single pot that LEPs can bid for. Before then we are putting more money into the regional growth fund which is helping businesses generate 1/2 a million new jobs.

BBC Surrey Radio Chats With Michael Hamburger

Well to get a local businesses point of view on all of this, BBC Surrey Radio chatted live on air with our very own managing director, Michael Hamburger.

Michael talked about the exciting development projects that are underway at Send, including the investment into the infrastructure of Tannery Studios, a development designed to provide the logistics and services demanded by creative industries that aren’t normally found outside of London. To help make this a reality Michael applied to the Enterprise M3 fund and was successfully approved as one of the first funding’s from the scheme. This government loan makes it possible for small businesses to obtain the finance to create jobs through the investment into infrastructure in the region instead of needing to use bank funding which just isn’t available. Without this sort of government backing, projects like Tannery Studios just wouldn’t happen.

We’ve recorded the whole interview for you to listen to hear.