The terrible weather the UK has experienced over the last week has left many people and businesses with challenges ahead. People’s homes and business premises have suffered flooding, Major commuting routes have been blocked and damaged, and the country will have to deal with the effects of this torrential rain for weeks to come. So if you haven’t already, now’s time for business owners to reassess their Business Disaster Plan and for those who don’t have one, now’s a good time to put one together. Ask yourself a few questions and tailor your plan to your businesses operations.

Do you have staff? Is it critical they attend your workplace or can they work remotely? Would providing them with a serviced office or virtual office be of benefit? What happens if they can’t get to their usual place of work? Can you continue your usual business operations.

Critical Stock? Do you need to deliver your product? Would having a separate storage facility benefit your business? Do you have to keep records for a number of years? Would placing them in a different location that isn’t prone to flooding be of benefit to you?

I.T. – Does your business rely on the internet to trade? What happens if the building you are in has an IT failure? Do you have a reserve location you can use to continue trading?

Communication – What happens if you can’t take inbound calls? Could you do with a facility that you could handle this for you instead?

Deliveries and Mail – What happens if your location becomes inaccessible? Have you considered a second location that can handle this for you should road or rail routes becomes blocked?

These and many more questions need to be considered and put into an action plan. One of the most sensible options is to talk to your local Serviced Office and Storage Facility and see how their services could compliment your Disaster Action Planning.

Keep Safe & Protect Your Business.