Offices: they’re what make our businesses – and therefore the country- tick, so the last thing we need is to start burning out whilst on the job. It’s easy to fall into – especially if you are someone who is always supremely dedicated to the task ahead. Sometimes there just isn’t enough time, so working over your hours can become habitual. Now this in itself may not be problematic, but for some – it can develop into an unhealthy ritual.

5 Ways to Prevent Cubicle Burnout - Send Business Centre

Photo by barkbud (Flickr) is licensed under CC BY 2.0

1. The Burnout

Welcome to the Cubicle Burnout – a state where you’re so exhausted that you begin to make erratic decisions and change the way you work. If you’re beginning to sense a dip in your productivity and believe it could be down to burning out, then don’t fear! Here are some core steps to breaking free of this problem.

2. Lighten Up!

Well, one way is to cheer your office up a little! Make it colourful, even fun – don’t always opt for magnolia or shades of slate. Think about revolutionising your office and cubicle space. Humans find solace in interaction, so make this happen and open up the space some more.

Try and personalise the area, make it suit what your brand represents. Get ideas from your team – allowing them input is a great way of joining forces and promoting a stronger unity within the office floor. You might be surprised by their suggestions – the key is to listen, take it on board and make a change for the better. You’ll have more smiles by the end of the day than you had before, that’s for sure.

3. Having the Right Mentality

It’s all well and good making an office look cheerful and positive, but it’s another matter making the staff feel bright and breezy. The two should be interlinked and morale will lift as the office space is redesigned. It should be a naysayer-free zone! A healthy attitude towards the business is a pre-requisite; otherwise a negative spiral can quickly develop.

4. Mix it Up

To help combat any drops in motivation, you might want to mix up your tasks and change your routine a little. Making just a small shift can make a big difference in how you perceive your job. If you’re allowed to, then try listening to music (with ear-phones) as this is a great way to inspire work for many people.

5. Have a Break

Recognise those lapses! If you start to feel drained or unmotivated, then go for a short stroll. You can do some stretching or nip to the loo, get fresh air in the communal garden area – anything, but don’t stay at your desk as it’s not going to help get over that dip. It’s amazing what a ‘power break’ can do, so start bringing them into your daily plan.

Talk to Those around You

So, your office has been changed for the better now? Great! Now start to interact, communicate and talk to those around you. Lots of us get stuck in a pattern of non-verbal agreements, whereby we agree to not communicate because it’s ‘easier that way’. This is the wrong approach though. Ideas can be sparked at any chance encounter, contacts can be found, even best friends and future partners-for-life can be forged during these brief, but vital interactions in the office, so start fighting your burnout today!

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