Everything you need to know about the cost of our storage

Self storage facilities are incredibly handy. For both commercial and personal uses, they give you the chance to keep any excess or unwanted items in one central, secure space, so they’re not clogging up your home and you won’t have to worry about them anymore. Here at Send Business Centre in Surrey, we believe that when a system is so helpful and has such a positive impact on your life, it should be easily accessible and not cost you a fortune. This is because unfortunately, self storage costs across the UK generally seem to be at the more expensive end of the scale…

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The general cost of self storage facilities in Surrey

One of the reasons self storage in Surrey (and across the rest of the UK) is often considered expensive is because these facilities are often only available on a contract basis. That means that, in the same way you would pay a monthly bill for your hired office space or phone contract, you’ll be on a fixed term for your storage space. This is fine if you’re planning on using the facility long term, for the foreseeable future. However, if you’re only looking for a short term hire, or you’re unsure about how long you’ll need self storage, being trapped in an expensive contract is not an efficient system for you.

So while the actual cost of self storage may not seem too expensive (in some cases it can work out to as little as £5 a day), the fact that you would be stuck paying that price for months without utilising the space is what can make it such an inefficient process; and that is what inevitably can turn people against using self storage containers.

What you need to know about self storage costs at Send Business Centre

  • Here at Send Business Centre, we operate a ‘pay what you use’ system, which means that you’re never on a contract that requires you to pay a monthly fee. This gives you extra flexibility, as you’re free to stop using your storage container at any time, and means you won’t waste money paying for self storage when you’re keeping anything in the facility.
  • If, for example, you only need to use the storage facilities for 2 weeks, that’s exactly how long you pay for. There is no minimum contract that would try and charge you for even a few weeks of unused time; you stop paying the moment you give back the keys.
  • So, unlike other self storage facilities in the Surrey area, there is no need to commit to an expensive, long term plan when you know you won’t need to use as much as you’re paying for.

If you would like any more information about our storage facilities here at Send Business Centre, please head over to our FAQ page, or contact us if you have a specific question in mind.

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