Co-working spaces are becoming more and more popular as the years go by – so why not get involved?

Co-working spaces‘ is a relatively new ‘buzzword’ when it comes to ways of working and office space. If you’re already in the know about coworking spaces, and perhaps are even working in this way yourself, congratulations for being so on trend! And if you have no idea what we mean by the term, there’s no need to worry. Here at Send Business Centre, we have the perfect office space for you to hire as a co-working space, so we will tell you everything you need to know about the process, and how it could work for you.

What exactly are co-working spaces?

In very simple terms, co-working spaces basically mean any space that you can work in alongside other people who are not your colleagues. That means, you can hire desk space in a big shared office, or split the cost of a small office space with friends or acquaintances. You then work there alongside each other, even though you don’t actually work for the same company or business.

Co-working spaces are a brilliant option if you’re a freelancer, or a very small start up with maybe one or two other members of staff. It means you’ll have an official, professional place to work everyday, instead of from your kitchen table; so you can really feel as though you’re getting into the office for a full day’s work, and you can now easily separate work and home life. Co-working spaces also mean you can share the cost of your work environment with other small companies or individuals, so you won’t have to pay a large amount of money for space you won’t use. See; it’s simple and very effective!

Can I hire a co-working space at Send Business Centre?

Here at Send Business Centre, we pride ourselves on providing an amazing range of office space for you to hire. Our offices vary in size, between very large, to small, two person office. One of these smaller offices could be the perfect fit for a co-working space for a small group of freelancers. Or, if you’re looking for a space for your very small team to share with another small business, one of our bigger offices can be either partitioned, or comfortable shared between two teams.

If a co-working space sounds like a great idea to you, and a really excellent solution to your office space dilemmas, check out our office availability to find the space that is perfect for you…

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