Did you know sharing office space can have a hugely positive effect on your company?

If you’re planning on renting office space from us here at Send Business Centre, have you considered sharing office space with another small company? This type of working environment can have a hugely positive effect on your team and on your work, and is an increasingly popular way to work.

So if you’re on the fence about working within a shared workspace, here are 5 ways it can benefit you, your team, and your working life…

Sense of community and support

One of the nicest thing about working in a shared office is the sense of community it brings. On a purely social level, there will always be someone around for a chat, and you can really encourage a friendly, cooperative atmosphere between both teams.  Then, the fact that you’ll have another team working right alongside you means you’ll  very quickly develop a bond and a sense of supporting each other. You may even begin to help each other on projects where you can, and you can network through each other, your clients and contacts to drive up business for everyone.

Shared Office Space | Send Business CentreEase and convenience

Moving into an office share at Send Business Centre means everything is taken care of for you already. There’s no pressure on you to provide your own furniture, your own amenities or organise facilities like Wifi – it’s all sorted for you before you arrive, and if anything goes wrong, it can be taken care of immediately.

Cost effective

Running a company is expensive enough. When you’re sharing an office, an extortionate rent is something you just don’t need to worry about. Your office rent will be shared equally between the companies inhabiting the space, taking a major worry away from your mind and giving you the freedom to invest in more important (or more enjoyable) things.

FlexibilitySharing Office Space | Send Business Centre

One brilliant thing about an office share is the fact that your contract can be amended or finished at any time. There’s no need to stress about being too tied down to one place for too long – if your situation changes, so can your office space.


Sharing a workspace with another company will inspire your business brain like nothing else. On one hand, being around likeminded people will give you creative ideas and encouragement for new ways of doing things and new ideas to try out. And on the other, being in such close proximity to another small business could also inspire some competition, and spur you on to be the best that you can possibly be!

Working in shared office can help your company in practical ways and give you mental and creative inspiration to expand and improve your business. Not to mention the fact that you’ll have a built-in support network ready to help and advise you on any issues – which you can then do for them in return.

If you’d like to find out more about sharing an office here at Send Business Centre, please contact us on 01483 225 617 - and check out our office availability here.